Save button indicator

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    First i want to just say, the little save button at the bottom of the screen is really genius. I love that it turns red as the number of edits increases to alert you to save the file.

    I have a small enhancement idea - Could there be a color change or visual clue added right when you click on it to save? This is more about ease of use. When I click on the save button, for a brief couple seconds, I don't know it the save button "registered" my click.. and the more reassurance that I can know my input, especially when saving a file is acknowledged by VS, the better I feel.
    Some sort of visual indication immediately when you click that verifies the click to save was received. even if the red and the color of the symbol swapped briefly when clicking?
    just an idea. minor but helpful

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    @Boldline yes, this can be changed. Right now there is a small delay of updating the color.

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    what if it went from red to orange once clicked on while it's saving? then back to gray when done?