Clicking on Font name scroll-down menu puts blinking cursor in search box

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    When I want to change the font of existing text on the screen - I go up to the upper right side where the font name is displayed. I click on the name of the font and a new box opens as it should showing the search box and a list of fonts. All this is good - What I think might improve the experience is for the cursor to be already in the search box blinking and ready for a name to be typed in for search. This would not interfere with the other option of scrolling down the list provided below the search box.
    Right now I have to click in the font text name, then click in that spot again after the font submenu appears - it's be smoother to click once and immediately have the option to type

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    @Boldline The problem is that this would block the up/down arrow keys to scroll the font list right after opening.

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    ok - I see what you mean. I guess it depends on whether people more commonly want to type in a name or use the arrows to go down through the list one by one.
    For the record, I do enjoy being able to click through the list with the up and down arrows and see the font change in real time on the artboard. I typically do it with the cursor, hovering over the list of names and then clicking on the scroll arrow to move the main list up and down.
    I also like the ability to jump quickly to a new font that is not right near the current options.
    So there's no perfect solution.
    From my perspective, if the cursor defaulted to making the search box active immediately, that still allows you to use the mouse or stylus to hover over the list of names of fonts and see the preview in real time and click on the one you want, etc.
    Whatever you and the group think is best

  • @Boldline For me the fastest way is to press the first letter of the font I'm searching for (say, 'T' for Trajan), which scrolls to the first font starting with 'T', which is not far from Trajan. So this is what I'm using most of the time. Haven't used the search field yet.

    @vectoradmin If the font list is somewhere at 'C' and you hit 'T' to go to Trajan, the app should scroll the font list in such a way that you can see the fonts starting with 'T' at the top of the list, not just the first one listed at the bottom.

    When the font list is somewhere at 'T' and you hit 'C', the font list scrolls as it should, with the first 'C' font at the top.

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    @b77 @vectoradmin I was testing out what Affinity Designer offers; When you click the font name at the top, it opens a new window much like VS. The current font name is already in that window and is completely highlighted, so you could scroll through the list below it with your mouse or stylus, or immediately start typing and the list would jump to that section. Me personally, I prefer this way, mostly because I'm rarely using the arrow keys to go through the font list - it's usually the mouse wheel