Function to change 1/10 of the set value by arrow key

  • What I would like to see added someday is the following feature.
    That is, the ability to move 1/10 times the set unit with ⌃+⇧+ (↑↓←→).
    We can't use ⌘ or ⌥ because they are used elsewhere.

    The current version has the following shortcuts after selecting an object
    (↑↓←→) to move the object by a set unit.
    ⇧ + (↑↓←→) to move 10 times the setting unit.

    This shortcut may be of little benefit for illustration work.
    However, it is very useful for CAD-like work.
    With a basic setting of 1 mm, you can change 0.1 mm or 1 cm, which is very useful.

    Adobe products have implemented this, of course.
    I would be grateful if they would implement it.

  • administrators

    @861475_VctSt This refers to the nudging of selected objects? If so I added it to the backlog.

  • @vectoradmin

    Yes, it is.
    It means the nudging of selected objects.

    I would prefer to use it with the ⌥ key if possible, but it's used elsewhere.

    Ver 1.0.045: nudging of selected objects

    • (←, →, ↓, ↑): "Move" setting x 1
    • ⇧+(←, →, ↓, ↑): "Move" setting x 10
    • ⌘+(↓, ↑): "Rotate" setting x 1
    • ⌥+ (↓, ↑): "Zoom" setting x 1

    Hold the pen tool

    • ⌥ + (↓, ↑): Stroke Width setting x 1

  • @vectoradmin

    Thank you for making this happen so quickly.
    It is very useful.