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    I was using the image trace panel and following along to the directions in the online manual.
    At the end of the process, I was looking for the option to commit my vector changes and was not seeing it.
    the instructions said "The trace group can be expanded into a group of vectors, using the Expand Content command from the Styles menu." I found it and finished the vector trace. My question is, does it make sense to not have a shortcut to that final step within the Image Trace panel?

  • @Boldline I agree, it's so important that it should be a button in the panel. Just 'Expand' would make it.

    ('Expand Content' is also available in the menu of the 'Image Trace' panel).


    Not sure about this, but since we're talking about tracing:

    Is 'Release' getting the right idea across? It made me think it releases the newly created vector objects, so you can edit them. What 'Expand Content' does basically.

    Maybe it should be renamed 'Remove' or 'Revert', or something else?

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    @Boldline There is an Expand button in the trace panel now.