Is the size of the text used on the forum OK for everybody?

  • I think the text used for posts could be 1 or 2 points bigger, and the text for the quotes also 2 or 3 pt bigger. Those quotes are really hard to read…

    Also: the text size for the thread titles when inside the thread (not when displayed in the thread list) could be a bit smaller (1 or 2 pts). Some titles are too long and they spill on the second row because of that.

    Would these be an improvement for everybody?

  • Those sound like good improvements to me.

    On a related note, @vectoradmin , clicking the "vectorstyler" name at the top left of the page I'd think would return you to the main page. If I go to any page on and click on the same upper left name image.... it takes me back to the home page again. Only when I go to the forum, does clicking the "vectorstyler" name at the top left of the page NOT return me to the home page. Could this be fixed?

  • administrators

    @Boldline Will try to fix the VS link. Lets have more input on the font size.