Bucket Fill Shape Creation

  • I use some other programs that allow for shape creation using a bucket fill. I had a look at options that VS offers for shape creation and I really like Shape Paint / Shape builder (even with the quirks). I do not like that their functionality is destructive, meaning that the original paths are no longer available for other uses (like a separate line art layer) - I may be missing something here perhaps?

    It is also a bit clunky to use these tools for direct fill of blocked in areas. Apps like Inkscape and Clip Studio Paint make this really really simple. Select the bucket, click on the blocked in area and presto a new shape (with the original paths remaining). It also allows for a very fast work flow (draw outlines, and then 1. use bucket, 2. modify fill/stroke - rinse repeat).

    I saw this post pointing out a similar feature https://www.vectorstyler.com/forum/post/340

    Please consider a bucket fill implementation.

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    @syllie A similar feature is in the backlog of future features.

    The Shape Builder tool (working on improvements) is actually doing a similar thing, but of course it requires that the objects are selected. The results are filled shapes cut from the blocked area.

    Shape Paint (a.k.a live paint) is the nondestructive version. The original paths are kept and the areas are remade whenever the original paths are changing. Maybe this is what you are looking for? Area there some bugs here?

    Probably what is missing, is a shape builder tool (destructive) which keeps the original shapes in place.

  • @vectoradmin Perhaps this is me not understanding how it could work for my use case. As simplest thought experiment here, consider 4 randomly drawn paths that are intersecting, thus there is an inner area that we cannot fill as it is not a closed path / shape. I would like to just click on that section and make a shape along that contour.

    I tried to see if Shape Paint would do something like that, but going through select all paths, add them to a shape group is already a bit cumbersome. Then clicking on the center area does mark it with another tint, but I do not see a shape being created - nor can I interact with anything. I feel I am missing something here perhaps? Or simply not understand how it should work?

    The linked post showed the desired functionality exactly. In Inkscape I can overlap any number of primitve objects (without converting them to curves) and it instantly fills the cordoned off areas as a new shape.

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    @syllie Got it. Shape Paint will not help in this case, as it creates a "virtual" filled area, that will change if the original shapes change.

    Shape Builder will do the trick, but it requires more steps (selecting and clicking inside) and it removes the original shapes.

    There will be a bucket fill tool, soon after the Windows release is out.

  • @vectoradmin Bucket fill will be amazing!

  • @vectoradmin said in Bucket Fill Shape Creation:

    Shape Paint will not help in this case, as it creates a "virtual" filled area, that will change if the original shapes change.

    Could you add a function to the existing "Shape Paint" to allow it to expand the virtual filled shape to get it to remain static once the borders are moved/removed? Illustrator does this with it's "live paint". You can click to fill any closed space and it's "live" so it can be adjusted up until you commit it by baking it in, otherwise known as "expanding it." this would give the bucket fill option as requested and not require a new tool

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    @Boldline A Shape Paint Group can be expanded using Styles -> Shape Paint -> Expand Shape Paint.