Blend tool revolve option

  • Using windows pro and Vectorstyler v1.0.046.
    Really like the blend tool. But there is one blend tool option I'm having trouble with.
    I would like to experiment with the revolve option to better understand what it does.
    But no matter what shapes I use(close/open) when I try this option(with a count>0) I
    do not see any change(s) in the blend. Does revolve require a specific set of circumstances for its activation? Does it require specific shapes? Thanks for any help on this.

  • administrators

    @STEVED I could not replicate this issue. The Revolve options should work with any blended shapes, with or without a blend spine.
    If there is a small example file with a blend using a revolve with no effect, please send it to me: csraba at