Aethestic improvement ideas for the new select node lasso tool

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    I love the "activate lasso tool by holding Option (Alt) key" addition. The functionality seems perfect. This was a tool I used a lot in Affinity Designer - so glad it's available in VS!
    I had a couple aesthetic comments on it - first, I don't know if the blue circle is necessary at all. Or if it's preferred, if it can be a lot smaller? I made a video of the same tool in Affinity and using it there, I don't expect or miss the blue circle starting point. Obviously the blue circle in the affinity video is part of "Record-it" and is not part of the tool itself.
    The line made with the tool in VS has a double sided white stroke around it - i don't think this is necessary - a regular one color line would work in my opinion.
    Last - could we make the non-line section a dashed line? (The line that shows where the shape will close before you get to it)
    Again, these are only aesthetics - the functionality is spot on!

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    @Boldline The lasso indicator (line) style will be changed. The problem with the blue circle is that there are two functions activated by the Option (Alt) key in this case (again collision of too many features on modifier keys).

    One is the lasso tool, the other is a intersection join and segment erase tool. This other tool works when clicking at an intersection location of two open paths, where the smaller endings are removed and the open paths are joined at the intersection.

    I will have to find a better way to accommodate both tools, I'm open to suggestions.