Pencil line colour question

  • Hi, is it possible to draw with the selected line colour using the Pencil tool?

    I have noticed that initially the line colour is black when you first start drawing a line, but then if you 'lift your pen off the paper', and then continue the line, it does show some colour from then on.

    This wouldn’t normally be a problem except at the moment I am drawing over a black & white photo and the line can be difficult to see over dark areas. (see example). Is there's a better tool for doing what I am trying to do? Thanks.0_1631526939591_pencil-line-col-examp.png
    0_1631527840287_Screenshot 2021-09-13 at 11.09.17.png

  • administrators

    @Jono The color of the line indicator in the Pen tool is the same as the layer color.
    The layer color can be set in the Layers panel, with the color button shown after the layer name.

  • Global Moderator

    @Jono It can also help to lower the opacity of the image source layer so you can see a bigger contrast on the layer above that you are drawing on

  • @vectoradmin Thank you that's brilliant.

    @Boldline Thank you, that's a great tip.