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    I am wanting to stretch the wording on the path that says "Fifth grade" to be like the "Lorem Ipsum" at the top. (Is there a better way to just grab the text on the path and stretch it width-wise?)
    In illustrator, I can create a set of text like the "Lorem Ipsum" and stretch it width-wise and then when I click on the text on the path and tap the "I" key for eyedropper, I can click on the stretched text at the top and the bottom text takes on it's properties, including the stretching.
    (Side note: in illustrator, I often needed to do this to adjust vertical height of text on a path as well - I love that VS has that feature built in!)


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    @Boldline There is no eyedropper tool for character style, but the Copy / Paste Character Style in the Edit -> Attributes menu should help with this.
    For other attributes (like fill, outline, etc) the eyedropper tool should work.