Is Automatic Backup in VS similar to what Affinity has?

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    Could we elaborate on the difference between "autosave" and "autobackup"?

    Is the autosave in VS set up similar to what is in Affinity or in Illustrator?
    Illustrator's version would just save on a timer you set - whatever was open, it saved it. Affinity has an auto saver - but I thin it's actually more of an "auto-backup" because it does it automatically on a timer and it alerts you the next time you open the program after a crash that there's a saved backup that can be restored.

  • @Boldline Oh yeah, at Affinity I took a crash lightly. "Ok, it happened", I started the program again and continue my work.

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    @encart Affinity has a great setup with the auto-backup. Like you said, I don't stress a ton because the timer is set to like 10 min and I'm not missing much if it crashes in between the times I save my progress.
    VS crashed on me today when I was sizing a shape. That prompted me to go see what options were available for salvaging what I had done. I turned on the auto-backup so between this post and the next time VS does crash on me, I'll hopefully have some answers! lol

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    @Boldline Autosave is same as in AI, should save the file periodically.
    Autobackup creates separate backups in the selected folder.