Adding prdefined sizes list for width and height.

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    What do you think? Will it make your work easier?
    Personally I have around 10-20 frequenly used sizes.
    I tried to automate it by creating specific action in Actions Panel but it scale proportionally, not by specific values.

  • I guess it all depends on what you are regularly drawing or designing. I don't think it would make things quicker for me at the moment or has been something on my personal wish list. Having said that, if the feature were available I would no doubt occasionally make use it.

    I'm still fairly new to VectorStyle and discovering new ways of doing things all the time. I've not even looked at the Actions Panel yet!

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    @encart You post reminded me of what Affinity and Illustrator CC offer with a new document setup menu. I use one size document most of the time, but I know I'd appreciate being able to open a predefined artboard setup based on intended use built in to VS. It would also be nice to store several artboard sizes in a personalized presets section

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