VectorStyler is on Product Hunt

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    If anyone interested, please comment or support. Thanks!

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    Just out of curiosity. Could you explain what is meant by
    "product hunting" in the context of VS ?

    I can't quite imagine what is meant by that. I've never heard
    this term before, marketing?

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    @Subpath It is just a way to gain some visibility.

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    I mention VS already on Procreate and MOI 3D Forum and the Echos was very welcoming.

    Will do it on other forums I visit from time to time. Don't have
    that big of an online community though. Just do not like Facebook ect.

    As i have already said, i really like your work. 😉

    I also saw that the VS website had a facelift. On one page where the features were presented,
    there was only just a long, long text which I found very tiresome. In general,
    I would always use good pictures of the features of VS to liven things up.

    This page here:

    What I also noticed is that if you access the Viemo page with the VS videos from Vimeo, Vimeo requires
    a login to view them. I think it would be good if this would be possible without registration.

    On your Twitter page, you only mention the updates. A nice showcase
    could perhaps also be helpful here.

  • I forgot to mention that I came to VS via a post on the Affinity Designer forum.
    VS is thus also represented there and I think that many Affinity Designer users
    will at least take a look at VS this way.

    And I know from many posts on the Affinity Designer forum that users have been
    asking there for years for features for Affinity Designer that VS already has built in.

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    @Subpath I will try to improve my twitter presence in the future.
    I prioritize bugs of course, but things are improving.

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    @Subpath I agree with a lot of your points about increased social media and more polished documentation with imagery. The home page looks a lot better. The detailed page could probably use some color so its not as stark and some colorful headers as well for sections to break it up. More could be done with twitter and FB for sure.

    From my vantage point (and even in my own business I can relate), it seems like the old saying, "the cobbler's children have no shoes" applies here. So much work is being done improving and fixing VS, that social media and updating the manual and website and social media take a backseat.

    No doubt having a robust collection of videos and examples on social media the way Illustrator and Affinity do for example, would be a huge boon to familiarity and growth with VS. On the flip side, there were a number of bugs and issues that until recently kept me from using VS as much as I do now. I'd only be able to go so far in VS on a project and have to finish it in another vector app. The more things that get fixed, the more legitimacy VS has by the critiquing public and the more we can do with it and talk about it, etc.

    There's a definite need for tutorials, tips, explanations, video examples, etc. I know for myself I want to help contribute to that but I had been getting familiarized with VS first. I had asked for the "tutorials" section for example, and I want to start contributing to that. Hopefully we can all contribute!

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    Just wanted to mention the points that have occurred to me. Understand of course that the bugs go first.

  • @Boldline

    "...there were a number of bugs and issues that until recently
    kept me from using VS as much as I do now... "

    I see this as one of the main points in VS. I also often have the feeling
    that I want to try something and at a certain point in VS I can't get any
    further because a function doesn't work the way I thought it would.

    And often you don't know if it's a fault of yours or the program.
    Despite all my love for VS, I find this a bit annoying. On the one hand,
    the abundance of functions, but now and then you can not use it as desired.

    But honestly I do not expect a 100% finished product, as long as you can report
    the errors and someone takes care of it is ok for me.
    I think VS has many good sides despite all this.

  • @Subpath said in VectorStyler is on Product Hunt:

    And I know from many posts on the Affinity Designer forum that users have been
    asking there for years for features for Affinity Designer that VS already has built in.

    That is exactly how I heard about VS.

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    @Subpath Yes, it is a process. The scope is large and it will require more iterations to find all the issue.
    There are many ways to use VS, and combine its functionality, and some corners still need cleanup.

    So if there are issues observed, no matter how small or avoidable, please post here, so these can be sorted out.
    It may also be, in some cases, that things are done differently in VS.

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    No problem. If I find something or something seems illogical to me,
    I will contact you.

    In the meantime, I know that VS has a slightly different approach than
    other vector programs I know, and for me VS doesn't have to be another
    Corel Draw or another Illustrator.

    VS can be and remain quietly independent in its approach. I appreciate it
    when someone tries new approaches.

  • Hi, I think the third paragraph of the Press/Reviewers Guide to VectorStyler might need to be updated at some point.

    I also came to hear about VectorStyler via another graphics forum (TalkGraphics). It’s taking time, but the more I learn about and discover its tools, the more I like and appreciate VectorStyler. It has some really neat touches, like the red save indicator in the lower toolbar! Genius!