Merge tool auto-closes open path shape

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    I seem to remember this had been added to VS a while ago but it does not seem to be in the current build. I don't know if it was accidentally removed or you felt it was not in line with the vision VS.

    I know Illustrator has this option - that if you have an open path fill selected, if you click on "merge" it will close the shape - essentially the same as a control-J

    It comes in handy for me when I am dealing with vectors with crazy attributes or issues from external sources - using merge sometimes helps flatten the vector and it eliminates the possibility of an open path being left behind there

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    @Boldline This can be added (back) easily. I have to check if it is in conflict with some other feature.
    By default I try to have each boolean operation to work on open shapes also, but some may not need to.