Minimalizable Panel Windows

  • Don't know if it fits in with VS UI-philosophy.
    But I had these idea here, that maybe be helpful
    with handling/arrangement of the VS panels.

    • Minimalizable (but still moveable) Panel Windows

    These are not must-haves, but just thoughts
    that came to me during my experiments with VS.

    Here a Picture:
    0_1634754598481_Minimize Panels.png

  • Global Moderator

    @Subpath - Collapsible and moveable panels are already a part of VS. If you double click on the top section of the panel, it will collapse and you can move it around in that collapsed state already. If I did not understand what you were thinking, let me know.

  • @Boldline

    Thank you, you understood me correctly. That's cool that it's already possible in VS.
    Kind of a hidden Feature, because there is no visual indicator that this is possible