Guides panel Option to duplicate and flip

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    I love the control over guides in the guidelines panel. I have a couple of suggestions to improve it (unless I missed them);

    Could guidelines be controlled by the alignment and distribute panels? If I want to move a guideline to the dead center, I could select it, click on the align to center button and see it move there automatically. Same with distribute options. Illustrator has this (for the align options) and it's very handy. I think adding this would help make guidelines even more useful.
    Another option for this would be to have the guideline make it a little more obvious when you hit the center-point of the canvas, let it stick there for a brief second so it's obvious you've hit dead center vertically/horizontally - or have it change color temporarily... something obvious to know easily you are right in dead center....

    Could we add an option to copy and flip a guide or multi-selection of guides at one time? It's great to be able to set specific guide angles, but I'm not always thinking of what the opposite direction angle would be if I want the same setup in reverse on the other side.
    My thought would be to add a flip icon button at the bottom of the guidelines panel. Really there'd be a "copy and flip", but it might be easier to just expect the user to select all applicable guides either from the document or by selecting them in the guidelines panel first before hitting the "flip" option


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    @Boldline I add this to the requested features list.