Image Objects Shift during Zoom

  • I've run into an issue where when using images to trace, while zooming (in this case using a mouse wheel) the image visually shifts around. This makes tracing completely unreliable.

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    @Sullyman At what zoom level this movement becomes visible and by how much it moves?
    There could be some issues at larger zooms, when the image is scaled up.

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    @Sullyman hey! Great to see you here. I'd love to hear some of your observations and ideas for improvement to vectorstyler as it relates specifically to screen printing - design work and film printing. I feel like between affinity and vectorstyler, screen printers and designers should have some great non subscription options to work with.

    I have noticed subtle shifts to source images before myself at times. If you're willing to share the file publicly you can upload it on the forum or you can email it directly to the developer if file size or privacy is an issue. It can also help to take screen shots and/or screen video and link that here or in the email to the developer.
    The easier it is to see the problem, the faster it can get fixed. The developer for Vectorstyler is prompt and engaged with solving issues and responding

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    I just experienced it on macOS. At a zoom level of 2800% the image moves slightly when I pull a handle and moves back when I release the mouse button.

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    @Ingolf @Sullyman I will try to replicate this. If there is an example document that could help replicate it, please send it to csraba at

  • @vectoradmin said in Image Objects Shift during Zoom:

    @Ingolf @Sullyman I will try to replicate this. If there is an example document that could help replicate it, please send it to csraba at

    Observation 1) The one I mailed you a couple of times. Values over 500,0% and the party begins.
    Observation 2) The issue disappeared when I tried other objects in other layers even when I returned to the objects where I observed the issue first
    Observation 3) Closing the document and trying again - the issue re-appeared

    In these observations I adjusted the eyes. The pixel shift is very subtle in this case.

    alt text

    EDIT: Zooming in with the scroll wheel shakes because of this pixel shift issue. For each little scroll step with the mouse wheel the underlying bitmap shifts in one direction and back, like what happens during a "click and pull handle, let go of handle" cycle.

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    @Ingolf Thanks for the info. This looks like a bug, I added it to the backlog.
    One temporary workaround is to uncheck the View -> Display -> Direct Preview Editing option.
    When disabled, the changes are rendered only after the mouse is released and only an outline preview is shown while the mouse is dragged.