suggestion of the now: Smart fill tool

  • Don't let the topic title fool you. It is simply a way of me saying it crossed my mind, but never a rush as I have the patience of that of the Dalai lama.

    I'm not even sure if the "almighty" Adobe Illustrator even has this feature. However, this one app I use on my android smartphone to vector draw does.

    So what it does is not only does it floods color into an empty space when tapped, but the color itself is also a created object.

    alt text

    Despite how cool this is, VS is still superior as it doesn't have the limitations that a smartphone app can only have.

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    This is very interesting, I think some similar features are also in VS:


    The first is Shape Maker, and can freely color (and cut out) parts of shapes or overlapping shapes.
    The second is Shape Painter, and it does the same in a dynamic way, on a Shape Paint Group (see Style menu), where the shapes can be modified after coloring the various regions, creating new cutout parts (and then can be expanded into separate shapes).

    May be not as direct or quick, but I think they are similar to the above feature.