File Open/Import of .jpg or .png saved with a CMYK color profile.

  • If I open a .jpg or .png file that was being saved with a CMYK color profile/space, it opens as if it were a camera film negative (colors reversed). I tried changing the color space via the document setup but that didn't help. It remained in the negative and created some bizarre screen artifacts.

    I could easily correct the problem by resaving it from the original app in a RGB format and then reopening in VectorStyler. However, I thought it should be reported and serve as a heads up in case someone else runs into it.

  • JPEGs can indeed be saved in CMYK color mode, but the PNG format is RGB-only (plus the Alpha channel), so I guess something else is wrong with that PNG.
    I would send the PNG file to their support address.

  • It happened with the .jpg file too. However it resolved when I went back into the original program and saved it with the RGB. It's not a huge bug but a new beginner to graphics may not know to do that and I couldn't resolve it in VectorStyler by changing the color profile/space of the document.

  • @mbarr The JPEG format supports both CMYK and RGB color modes, so the developer can replicate the issue by saving a JPEG image in CMYK color, then test and improve the import for these JPEGs.

    The PNG format however cannot be generated in CMYK color mode (it supports only RGB), that's why I said you should send that PNG image to them, so they can test and see what is wrong.

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    Just checked this quickly with CMYK jpeg and RGB png files from the test suite I use.
    Both seem to work (at least for these files).

    What program was used to save those jpegs and pngs.
    It could be that VS does not recognize some encoding mode (at least with CMYK there were such problems in the past).

  • Hi,

    The .png is working fine. I mis-spoked. It was just the .jpg from Affinity Designer when saved as a CMYK color profile. It did open it just fine when I went back and saved it with the RGB color profile. If I can, I'll edit the topic to remove the .png

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    No problem, will try to create a CMYK file in the same way.

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    The new build should fix this problem.