seems to be a bug in VS 1.1.079 during the installation procedure

  • There seems to be a bug in VS 1.1.079.
    This caused VS to hang during the installation process on my PC.
    (could not cancel the Installations process, nor exit VS)

    The only thing that helped was a hard reset.
    ( turning off the PC and restart it.)

    Possible cause, things i notice:
    When I start VS I always let VS create new empty document.
    On the installation procedure VS asked if I wanted to save
    this document. Whereas the new document had no content
    and I did nothing to it myself.

    At the first try a box appeared with only four buttons.
    At another try a box appeard ask if I like to save the document.

    The solution i found:
    I closed the empty document before i triggered the update.
    That went without any problems.

  • administrators

    @Subpath Got it. Similar issue has been also reported by others on Windows.
    I will try to replicate this.