Grouped live text on path scaled down and then ungrouped returns to original size

  • I have a selection of objects that I want to scale down proportionally. The only way to keep the text from moving in unwanted ways around the live text path is to group the whole thing together and then scale it down. It works in that everything scaled down proportionally, but when I then ungrouped the selection of objects, the text jumped back to the original size.

    Here is a video of this happening

    I think this is the same issue as talked about in this old thread on the forum

    Here is the before: 0_1713539230523_c882fb2f-df5d-4e0c-9313-c83e6b40ea00-BLD 2024-04-19 at 11.06.43.png

    Here is after grouping and scaling down and then ungrouping it again at the smaller scaled size:
    0_1713539267224_dd3a7325-6e19-49d5-9d16-148c1aa63c30-BLD 2024-04-19 at 11.06.55.png

  • administrators

    @Boldline Yes, this is a know problem (sort of). The text on path cannot be individually scaled (or transformed), only inside a group.

    I will try to find a solution for this.