Scaling artwork/text from the centre is a hit-and -miss

  • Using the Transform Tool to scale artwork/text/image from the centre by clicking and dragging on the transform selection nodes + pressing the Control key sometimes works but other times fails.

    Scaling from the centre is a common technique found in design programs:
    Illustrator : Alt key
    CorelDraw: Shift key
    Affinity: Control key

    Please note that when using the Scale Tool +Control key, the scaling is smooth and I have never faced any challenges. It should be convenient that most of the time artwork is scaled using the Transform Tool.

  • administrators

    @William-Kansepa I think the difference (to other apps) might be that in VS you have to press the Control after the scaling started.

    Also: it is possible to customize the key in Preferences -> Modifier Keys -> "Centered Adjustment" row.