Artifacts created in Offset Path, Offset Path Effect...with larger values

  • I sent a file to @vectoradmin showing artifacts being created in Offset Path (Object>Shape>Offset Path), Offset Path live fx (Effects>Outline>Offset Path) when value are set to high values of steps and distances.

    @vectoradmin confirmed there is an open bug on this.

    I believe it's happening in all of the "outline/offsetting-like" type features, such as Contour, Outline Path, ...but I need to test more myself to be sure.

    If anyone else can confirm this or notices artifacts or inaccuracies in the created offset path shape(s) etc. with any of these features, please post any specifics of what you find.

  • administrators

    @Vector-Rock The Offset Path has been improved in recent builds (1.0.048), I will close this issue and open a new one as new issues are discovered.