Bug? Swatches stay highlighted without an assignment or object selection

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    The Palette panel seems to have last active swatch assignment highlighted even without an object selection, or when an object without a swatch assignment is selected.

    The Palette panel should ideally be refreshed each time a selection is made on canvas, and also each time a deselection is made so that highlight is used only to indicate a color assignment applied to current selection.

  • administrators

    @Arde This is intentional. The palette color remain highlighted for further operations (the ones selected from the panel menu). I will think of a better solution.

  • @vectoradmin I see. On a second look, e.g. in InDesign the default swatch is highlighted when there is no object selection and this is of course fine. But when there is an active object selection, the highlight is turned off if the object selection does not have a matching swatch assignment. Also, if an object does have a matching swatch assignment so that it is auto-highlighted, when the object is deselected, the default swatch will again be activated and highlighted (rather than leaving on the last active swatch assignment). There should at least be an indication that an active selection does not have a swatch assignment, as the current object color and active swatch color can be close to each other so highlighting would be quite confusing.

  • administrators

    @Arde This should work in as requested in the latest version.