Improvement to Default Object Properties Options

  • @vectoradmin,
    In a previous post (Pen tool auto-set to fill with no stroke) you mentioned how you would be adding a separate setting option for the Pen tool. Thank you for implementing that. It is a nice improvement.

    I had an idea to further improve the Default Object Properties Options so that all Stroke and Fill attributes/settings are saved in the Preferences.

    As posted earlier regarding this topic, the default settings for CorelDRAW is No Fill, Black Hairline Stroke. All new objects drawn use these defaults. You can easily modify the defaults settings, and if so , CorelDRAW automatically saves these settings for the current document. If you want to make the changes "permanent" for all future new documents, this is easily done as well (Menu->Tools->Save Settings As Default).

    One of the nice things is that any/all of the attributes modified in the Stroke Panel (color, alignment/position, corner, cap, line styles, etc.) or for Fills (color, gradient, etc.) will be saved the New Default Object Properties.

    So with that in mind here is my suggested additional Improvement for VectorStyler Default Object Properties Options in Preferences:
    Maybe you could consider something like this:
    0_1622228851565_VectorStyler Fill and Stroke_Preferences-Defaults-22_Final_Screen-Shoot.png

  • administrators

    @Vector-Rock Some improvements on default options are available now. The defaults are still set in the color (or other) panel, but they are not updated as objects are selected (Preferences -> Editing -> Update Default Styles)