Path Sketch - adding and subtracting

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    I really like the path sketch tool - thank you @b77 for bringing it up in conversation.
    I agree with you it might be worth making the last segment a different color or faded color to show it could still be edited. I was reading through the documentation and like the shift modifier options as well
    I could be wrong - but if i want to add to a selection - I would need to start from the inside of the existing shape and go out and come back in - and if I wanted to cut away from a shape, I would start outside the shape - go in and then come back out again. that seems to be the case most of the time - but every now and then I get a situation where it does not do that. I don't know how to cut down the video in record-it - but if you jump to the 55 sec mark - I duplicate a shape and then convert it to a predefined shape to see if it will also edit that - in doing so I ran into a situation where when I started inside and went out and came back in, it cut away instead of adding to it.
    I also notice there are times it does not recognize the existing shape as one I want to modify and instead makes a new shape over top. Is there a consistent way to make VS aware of what shape we are wanting to modify and when we want to make a brand new shape?

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    @Boldline If you want to modify existing shapes, select the shapes with the pointer tool, and then switch to the Path Sketch tool. And you can start inside or outside.

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    @vectoradmin In build 1.0.045, the Path Sketch tool has an option to add or extract closed shapes.