Rearranging Action Steps in Actions Panel erases preset

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    There were a few issues I wanted to mention in this one - all related to the actions panel.
    Here is the video for reference
    First - if I lower the opacity of something as a step in the process, it records it as multiple opacity steps. It would be nice if this was one step and the action waited until I finished moving the opacity slider to record the new opacity setting.
    It would also be great if we could double click on an action already recorded and see the relevant info - for example, how much of a percentage the opacity was lowered - maybe even be able to edit it there as well on the fly?
    Another issue was when I clicked on an action step and tried to rearrange the order of them - it just erased the entire recorded action preset. It would be nice to be able to rearrange the steps on the fly like that - or even be able to copy one by holding alt while dragging it

    This last one is not in my video because I forgot to re-do it for the video - but when I have an action preset group open, when I click on an action step in the group to delete it individually, after doing so it immediately shrinks up the entire open chain of steps... so all you see is the main action title, I have to reopen it all again digging down to the individual steps each time I want to remove another preset action.
    It would be nice if this stayed open after removing a step - if this does not make sense, I can record a video for it specifically.

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    @Boldline I add these to the backlog as bugs, will be fixed ASAP.
    Except the double click to show/edit the action parameter, this will require a bit more work, and added it as a new feature.

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    @vectoradmin You're the best!

    Just clarifying - the "double-click" could also just be a triangle carrot you click on to see the steps revealed right below it. Whatever system works best for VS