update 1.0.048

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    VectorStyler 1.0.048 release notes

    • Improved: preview stroke profile, dash and stripe from modal editors.
    • Improved: activate lasso tool by holding Option (Alt) key.
    • Improved: option to show monochrome glyphs in glyph panel.
    • Improved: use space key to flip side when interactively editing a text on path.
    • Fixed: decreased UI font size.
    • Fixed: copy and paste images from any browser.
    • Fixed: drag and drop images from other apps (including browsers).
    • Fixed: multiple intersection and union bugs.
    • Fixed: added splash screen for Windows.
    • Fixed: bend effect resulting from expanded vector brush has wrong shift.
    • Fixed: offset path color is not previewed.
    • Fixed: remove imported brush guide shapes when converting to curves an expanded brush.
    • Fixed: hovering over starting node should be indicated in the pen tool.
    • Fixed: get default color calibration profile from the system on Windows.
    • Fixed: file overwrite notice on Windows when extension is not specified.
    • Fixed: show different cursors in stroke width tool for spine and width adjustments.
    • Fixed: use PDF 1.6 version when copying to pasteboard for older CS compatibility.
    • Fixed: allow tracing adjustment of 1 percent in preferences.
    • Fixed: resizing text with negative tracking.
    • Fixed: using both angle and direction constrain in node editor.
    • Fixed: option (Editing Options / Adjust Node Removal Curvature) to skip curvature approximation when deleting a node.
    • Fixed: use blue highlight in UI to indicate checked buttons.
    • Fixed: transform pivot should stay fixed when rotating.
    • Fixed: allow groups in divide and merge operations.
    • Fixed: artboard count was not selected when creating new documents.
    • Fixed: scaling selected nodes should also scale related control nodes correctly.
    • Fixed: set the first control point towards the next node when creating new shapes in the Pen tool.
    • Fixed: moving the end of a line with smooth node at the other end should update the curve.
    • Fixed: undoing some merge operations resulted in wrong positions.
    • Fixed: disable automatic vertical roman characters.
    • Fixed: skip empty objects in intersection operations.
    • Fixed: swap icon in color panels should be next to the color target knob.
    • Fixed: docking directly from horizontal margin to vertical was not working.
    • Fixed: transform each should consider individual object pivots.
    • Fixed: editing envelope shapes copied from other objects was broken.
    • Fixed: track isolation context changes in undo and redo.

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    @vectoradmin said in update 1.0.048:

    Improved: activate lasso tool by holding Option (Alt) key.

    Yes! this is awesome!
    Honestly, just going through the list and seeing the additions and fixes to so many things we collectively spoke about; I'm testing them out - this is a really impressive update!