Help needed.The position of objects relative to the last selected obejct

  • I had an idea to align objects relative to the selection order. When I wrote the post and prepared the graphics, I checked and this option is already in the Alignment panel settings☺ . Huge 👍 for you @vectoradmin. However, I do not know if it works as it should. I've been trying to configure it for a few minutes, but I can't. I would like the align of objects to be based 100% on the position of the last selected object. Can you guide me?

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    @encart For this, you must align to a key object, and specify the key object by clicking:

    steps from the video:

    • select the objects
    • select key object mode (second in the left group at the panel bottom).
    • click on the key object, in this case object 3 on your picture.
    • click the alignment buttons.