activate lasso tool by holding Option - stops working consistently after 10 min

  • "activate lasso tool by holding Option (Alt) key" fails almost immediately on the mac.
    I can use it when VS is first opened, but shortly after - the ability disappears. I opened a file right after opening VS and confirmed it worked right away. 10 minutes later doing other tasks, it was not there anymore to use. restarting VS works but only gives you 10 or so minutes to use it

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    @Boldline I will try to replicate this.

  • @vectoradmin Interesting thing - the lack of function with this tool is not across all files open at one time in VS. I had three files opened at different times and one of them does not allow the tool to work properly while the other two do. Here is a video of that
    You can probably also see in the video - that when files are open for a while, weird things happen when you got back to a file.
    I don't know if timing is always short - because these files have been open for a while now - more than 10 min