Graphics Options

Graphics Options

Printer graphics options control how the vector objects, images and text are output on a printer.

Graphics Options

The graphics options used when printing.

  • Halftone - Select the halftone shape, angle and frequency used when reproducing gray levels with a single ink on a paper.
  • Gradient Smoothness - Edit the smoothness of gradient mesh shapes.
  • Resolution - Edit the default output resolution.
  • Path Flatness - Edit the precision of flattening curves to lines.
  • Stroke Mode - Select the stroke rendering mode.
  • Miter Angle - Edit the smallest angle used for miter corners in rendering strokes.
  • Flatness - Edit flatness used to render strokes.
  • Stroke Adjust - Adjust strokes on straight lines to pixel boundaries.
  • Vector Text - Enable or disable the printing of text as vector shapes.
  • Tiling Patterns - Enable or disable the printing tiling patterns using PDF or Postscript specific syntax.

Image Options

The image options used when printing.

  • Image Mode - Select how to output images when printing.
  • Depth - Select the color component precision used when printing images.
  • Resample - Select the scaling method used to resize printed images.
  • Flatten - Edit the default resolution used to print vectors by rendering them to images if needed.
  • Limit Size - Reduce the size of images when printing.
  • Render as Image - Print the whole content as an image.
  • Alpha Mask - Enable or disable the use of alpha channels in images.

Font Options

The font options used when printing.

  • Fonts - Select how to output or embed fonts into the printed document.
  • Substitutions - Edit the font substitution mapping used while printing.
  • Keep Code - Enable or disable the keeping of original character codes when embedding a subset of the font glyphs.
  • Allow TTF - Enable or disable the embedding of TTF fonts.
  • Allow CFF - Enable or disable the embedding of CFF fonts.