Triquetra Celtic Knot Tutorial

  • Hello,
    I created a beginner’s tutorial inspired by @fewerjunk‘s forum post called “Very Simple Trace” wherein he attempts to do an accurate trace of a Triquetra Celtic knot.

    It made me think: Would such a trefoil knot be easy or difficult to create from scratch in VectorStyler?

    The result is this tutorial ( also created in VectorStyler 😊).

    -- Tutorial Template Idea --
    @Boldline and I were discussing the idea of a template for written tutorials, so I used this tutorial as an opportunity to start the development of one. Our idea was to evolve it over time, updating as the template changes. Of course, this idea does not pertain to video tutorials, which are an excellent learning method as well.

    I tried to keep the template as simple as possible, to not distract from the focus of the instruction. I also chose to illustrate each step with plenty of images, so it is fast and simple for the user to follow. Here are the conventions I implemented:

    • Titles are in orange to match the VectorStyler logo. Pages are numbered on the bottom right, if there is more than one page.
    • Steps are unnumbered but easily read from left to right, top to bottom, page to page.
    • Orange end-dotted divider-lines separate each set of steps. "Sets" of steps are arbitrary, and based entirely upon how much instruction can fit in a row without looking cluttered or confusing.
    • Blue is used for the written steps/procedures and interface function choices.
    • Green dotted paths indicate user pointer device motion and selection.
    • Grey text is information that goes beyond instruction, providing underlying objectives and/or some detailed explanation.
    • User Interface captures have a drop shadow to float them above the main items, and can be pictured in either light mode or dark mode, whatever the tutorial creator’s preferences are set to.
    • The template pages are North American Letter-sized. If you reside in Europe, please feel free to size the template for A4. Either size can be scaled to print on either type of paper, if printing is desired. Since printing will be a rare exception, it should not be an issue for digital use.

    We welcome everyone’s input. I will post the template/style guide at some point after people have an opportunity to give their feedback and review-- if people like the idea of a template, of course...

    Enjoy the Triquetra Celtic knot tutorial!
    PDF version: Triquetra Celtic Knot Tutorial 2.0.pdf
    Click on the two .PNG pages below, to see higher resolution versions.

    0_1651247536388_Triquetra Celtic Knot Tutorial 2.0 p.1.png
    0_1650068089303_Triquetra Celtic Knot Tutorial 1.2 p.2.png