Snapping to Objects

One of the most common snapping mode, used to position objects, is the Snap to Objects option from the View - Guides menu. The snap to object option is also known as smart guides in other applications.

When snapping to objects is enabled, moving and resizing objects will adjust the selected object positions, when it is close to the axis defined by other objects. The axis of other objects is defined by the horizontal and vertical margins, and the center lines of the object. Snapping to objects enables the easy alignment and positioning of multiple objects, relative to each other.

In VectorStyler, the document view rotation angle is also taken into account when snapping object margins and center lines. When the view is rotated to a nonzero angle, the object bounding box will be considered in both the document (zero) and the view (nonzero) angle. This creates additional snapping options for object shapes, as the direction of the snapping axes will be at a nonzero angle.

  • Check the Snap to Objects option from the View - Guides menu, to enable snapping to object margins. The Enable Snapping option must be checked.
  • Move objects on the canvas. When the moved object margin or center axis gets close to the axis of another object, the moved objects are positioned to match the margins in a direction.
  • The matched object snapping is indicated with red lines.
  • Rotate the document view to snap objects at nonzero angles, relative to the document coordinate space.
  • By default, objects are snapped only to other objects that are visible at the current document zoom and rotation.
  • The Snap to Visible Only option from the Snapping panel menu, enables or disables snapping to visible objects only. When enabled, objects are snapped only to other visible objects. When disabled, objects outside of the visible area are also considered for snapping.
  • The Snap to Object option accessed using the Options button in the Object Options view, can be used to disable snapping to an object.