Snapping Sizes

In some workflows and designs, resizing objects is done with the intent to set the object width or height, to the size of an other object. This can be achieved using the Snap to Objects option, if the objects are perfectly aligned in the current view rotation, or in the document space.

The Snap to Reference Sizes option enables or disables snapping to other object sizes, regardless of the position of those objects. Reference object sizes can be selected using the Size Reference option from the Object menu. Snapping to non-aligned object sizes, can be useful when creating multiple similarly sized objects.

To snap objects to reference sizes, use the following steps:

  • Select the objects whose size will be used as a reference size. Use the Size Reference option from the Object menu, to enable the size reference on these objects. Multiple reference sizes can be enabled in a document.
  • The size reference objects can also be on other canvases of the same document.
  • Enable the snapping option using the Snap to Reference Sizes option from the View - Guides menu.
  • Start resizing an object or a selection of multiple objects.
  • When the object size is close to the size of a size reference object, the resizing snaps to the reference size.
  • Existing size references can be removed, by selecting the object, and disabling the Size Reference option.

Using size reference objects is a good way to limit the various object sizes to snap to. This may not be the preferred choice when the current design contains a few objects only, or when snapping to all other object sizes is required.

To snap to any object size (not just size references), use the Snap to All Object Sizes option from the Snapping panel menu. When enabled, resizing objects will snap the size to any object size visible with the current document zoom and rotation.