Bucket Fill

Bucket Fill

The Bucket Fill tool can be used create new shapes in regions delimited by existing shapes on the canvas. The shapes used as delimiters can be all the shapes on the canvas, or the shapes selected when the Bucket Fill is activated.

The Bucket Fill tool will always create vector shapes, and it does not consider edges regions inside images (see Edge Trace tool for working with images). The shapes created with the Bucket Fill tool are styled with the current fill and stroke styles.

The options controlling how the Bucket Fill tool works can be found in the context panel after the tool is activated.

To create shapes with the Bucket Fill tool, use the following steps:

  • Deselect all shapes on the canvas (to use the whole canvas).
  • Or select the shapes to limit the Bucket Fill tool regions.
  • Activate the Bucket Fill tool by selecting the icon from the toolbox.
  • Select a color in the color panel as a fill color for new shapes. The color of the newly created shapes can be changed only by deactivating the Bucket Fill tool.
  • Click on a location of the canvas.
  • If that location is delimited by the existing shapes of the canvas (or the selected shapes when the tool was activated), a new shape is created.
  • Depending on options selected in the context panel, this shape may be removed (or not) from the existing shapes, and the region may be delimited by shapes of different styles, or just by the shape outline.

Double clicking the Bucket Fill tool icon will open the tool option view. These are the same as the ones used for the Shape Builder tool.

When the Bucket Fill tool is activated, the context panel will show additional options:

  • Gap - Set the tolerance used to connect shapes.
  • Merge Styles - Check to merge regions of different shapes using the same style. When unchecked, the Bucket Fill tool will create regions delimited by the shape outlines.
  • Remove Shapes - Remove the created shape from the existing shapes.