Wrong and to many colors in Image to color palette

  • Notice that when i use Image to color in VS
    want 6 colors and get a palette with 9 colors
    and some wrong colors

    0_1678263824091_Image to palette-1b.png
    my image have only 8 colors ( dont count the grey/white from the back)
    but i get 12 colors and some are wrong e.g. not in the Image
    0_1678263941106_Image to palette-1.png
    the Image is a png from VS which i create for test purpose.

    0_1678264064728_Image to palette-1d.png

  • @Subpath It could be that the bitmap image was exported from a vector
    graphics app without aligning to the pixel grid enabled, which won't result
    in the crisp look you expect — you get intermediary colors on some
    margins, which VS detects as separate colors.

  • @b77

    Yes, I have already considered this but it seems unlikely to me.

    see nowhere black and and this light green (3rd color).
    and it also doesn't explain why I get more colors than I entered

    and the original png from VS that I used looks crisper than
    my attachment here

  • @Subpath Sorry, I didn't see that the bitmap itself was exported from VS.

    I tried it here myself (on export as PNG I set the 'Smooth' value to 'None' in
    the Export panel) and I still get more colors than expected.

  • @b77

    no problem
    appreciate your thoughts

    in the meantime i'll try again and make the png export as crisp as possible from Corelpaint

    and get more or less the same result, except that some colors
    looks different now and still more colors that i entered

    the antialiasing is from the palette Panel in VS

    0_1678274936790_Bildschirminhalt erfassen-1.png

    0_1678274944884_Bildschirminhalt erfassen-2.png

  • Just to clarify for anyone reading:

    Choosing 'None' from the 'Smooth' dropdown menu in the Export window
    in VS aligns the pixels to the pixel grid and results in the crisp bitmap needed
    for this (no intermediary colors around the rectangles).

    But despite that, I get more/different colors with 'Create Palette from Image'.

  • administrators

    @Subpath Added this to the backlog, will try to figure out what happens with the colors.

  • administrators

    @Subpath This issue should be fixed in build 1.1.080